Putnam County Antique Machinery Assoc.

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How You Can Help

We are in need of donations for renovations in our barn for the museum we are trying to fix to look like in the day, When it was all rough cut wood inside and we need to fill in the cow drops in the floor, So we can move freely in the barn for the antique museum is going to have in the barn all large farm equipment, tractors & farm impliments of such all of which is antiques. We need to paint the outside of barn. So we need to restore this barn to protect the equipment and make it look like it once did.

We are also looking for volunteers for helping with the work that needs to be done, we need people with woodworking experience, painting, electrical, or anyone who can just help out giving a hand around the museum.

If you have any photos of Antique Machinery, Back in the day and a story for what it was used for, Please e-mail us with the photo and your story, We would love to here about it, and we might include it in our web page .

For Donations Please Send To:

Putnam County Antique Machinery Association

5 North Street

Patterson, NY. 12563


For Manual Work Volunteers: Contact Jeff Hyatt at pcama08@comcast.net or call 845-878-7596

Friends of Tilly Foster

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